*Leaving his apartment complex at Azukre Sarastus District.* It's going to be exciting tonight! I better make sure I grab a few more items before I leave. *Once he's done he leaves the area and heads towards the bus stop that will take him into the big cities.* RWBY - 01 - Large 04
    *Relaxing in his apartment before heading off to enjoy the sinful nightclub life.*cannolo.sample-ee9a7e93dc7e7acbffa82631b2c1f508
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    *At Sarastus, he notices a lot of movement and sees many familiar faces. He calls up Melone and let's him know of his recent discovery.* @pervertedgangster We have to meet up soon. I saw some interesting figures getting together. I might have even seen someone we both know. Someone I owe payback too. *He hangs up and continues venturing through the district.* 7812253982ea2d768fef606ecf17557a
    *Hisoka follows the ladies and smirks, he studies them and is glad that they are both easy on the eyes. He bows to them and follows them.* Hello ladies! I hope you enjoy my company for a while. *Once they are outside he looks at them both.* You're both very bold to deal with Madame Hammy, I find that admirable. How did you know not to drink from the glass the boss gave you? I'm sure you figured out it was laced with poison.tenor (10)
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    *With a watchful eye, Lilith follows her sister until they arrive at the room where they would meet their negotiators. She first rolls her eyes upon seeing the priest* Tch! The nerve... *then she raises her eyebrow upon seeing what she believed is a woman. She says nothing, her sister had already introduced her so she takes a seat next to her and shows no interest in drinking the wine. She slightly minimize her aura, pretending to have let her guard down and simply observes and listens to their interactions*265BD26F-FDD3-440E-8A8D-44DCCC004BE7
    *He had received the call from Chrollo informing him that the guests had arrived. He sent the two butlers to open the door and bring the ladies to the meeting room. As they entered Enrico was impressed by the aura of the women that walked into the room. His aura remained hidden and he made sure to stay cautious during the meeting. He wanted to make sure that no harm came to his current sponsor. He also noted immediately how stunningly beautiful both women are. A dangerous combination of the demonic and the delightful in one eyeful. He noted how quickly LuzHela began the conversation eager to cut to the chase. When she addressed him he would close his eyes and bow slightly.* I am Father Pucci, at your service. And this lady *He would stand behind Hammy's seat to show whom he referred to..* is the leader of the Bitter Gang, Lady Einy Hamuko Asha. She is prepared to partake in negotiations with you.sample-d247e05ce4e6b84616f8390ccf790d9f
    *Hours before the Night of the Witches, LuzHela and Lilith arrived with their driver Chrollo to a designated meeting area within Azukre Sarastus District. They got out of the car and looked towards the strange looking building. As they approached the doors, two gentlemen opened it for them and would bow. They escorted LuzHela and Lilith to a room where a priest and a wobbly large woman sat in a room drinking wine. The door closed behind them and the priest stood when the guests arrived while the large woman turned to look at her guests from top to bottom and she smirked. She swirled her wine and then nodded to the priest. The priest asked the ladies to have a seat. LuzHela didn't hesitate making herself comfortable and looking at the unappealing woman. Hela leans forward and addresses the woman that was swirling her wine.*So it's you that has taken hold of this district in such a short time. I must say, I am rather impressed. Leader of the Bitter Gang and *She looks over to the priest.* I'm afraid we haven't met....EJIB8ffWwAAT6Np
    *Chrollo studies the beautiful faces and personalities of the ladies he had picked up. Even with the stoic look on one of the ladies faces he could tell she was brimming with revenge in her mind while the other woman seemed to be protective of her companion and not at all social. Lilith would notice when Chrollo's eyes were on them and not on the road, he would smirk and turn his eyes towards the road ahead. Normally, Chrollo was the leader of his own group but things had turned out interestingly different in this new world. He had become associated with the Bitter Gang in order to gain control of some areas of Azukre Sarastus District. His nen had not been returned to him but Boss Hammy had promised that she would be able to restore it for him, if he just did some work for her for a while. He still had freedom to pursue his own interests. He figured that as long as he was working by this strange woman's side, he would be able to see for himself if she would be able to live up to that promise. He knew Hisoka joined his side only because he looked forward to having Chrollo regain his nen so that he could fulfill his own ambition of fighting Chrollo at full strength and Illumi had joined them out of habit. As he drove Lilith and LuzHela to their meeting place with his current boss, he would hit a few curves in the road and eventually the building that looked like an abandonded castle came into view. He stopped in front of the building. The place looked eerie and suspicious, especially now at nightfall. He opened the door for them.* This is as far as I may take you. Just step inside, they will be waiting. *he watched them as they stepped in. Lilith looking at him suspiciouly and LuzHela not even acknowledging him. *He calls inside to let them know they had arrived. He winks at Lilith and gets in the car again only to drive away.*@hexenfyre @sultrysuccubussugarfiend @engrossedbyvengeance @fatherpucci1511164420_tumblr_n9y921P4B61qltzexo1_500
    Tch! Always so many damn thugs in this area! thumbs_chris-ng-pirateshipstudio-1
    *He roamed the streets of Azukre Sarastus District with revenge on his mind. He had not forgiven Kintoki Belial for taking his demonic lineage from him. Although, he could feel that he had not drained him completely of it. It was a punishment fittingly bestowed by one of the kings of Gehenna. To be able to almost feel yourself reaching for something that you could never have. Such a curse was their favorite! But he needed to reach Lord Satan to release him from the curse but right now, his words did not reach his infernal majesty and it irked him. He was felt as vulnerable as a human and this truly disturbed him. * I'll find a way to reach him and then...La razza umana se ne pentirà amaramente! Lord Kin Belial will regret his actions towards me! 10401033_31342572634_343_n
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    *he plan to go home after work and two alien cosplay appear front of him* oh.. that's a good costume for halloween, good work guys *he pat their shoulder and walk bypass them* b35ce3961437a1156a7d6e3f5b1f9d4b
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    *Although this time of year was great for festivities, it is also a time where crooks take advantage to commit their crimes. Rika and her squad team were scattered around the city, some in civilian attire to blend with the crowd, while others were in their military gear hiding in the shadows awaiting to any suspicious movements or instructions from Rika. She had Jean tag along so that she can have an idea as to how she works during investigative work* If you hear anything suspicious, let me know! *she was referring to Jean’s telekinetic ability* @darkphoenix 8009F2CB-1381-4508-A625-ABB47B54C2F3
    Almost there! *Passes through Azukre Sarastus District* 535dce1fab4389aaceaa2d6801aa37e6
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    *Jean was caught up on the middle of fighting off some thugs that tried to take her down however thanks to the training she got from her sister fairy and Rika, she was able to defend herself quite well. Unfortunately, there was a slight mishap on her behalf and one of them was able to pierce a metal pole through her back and even lift her up midair. Jean felt the pierce and for an instant she was sure to be dead and see the splatter of her own blood but instead, it was a collective of stars; as if a small piece of her universe has been taken from her and that’s when she remembered that she was indeed no longer human. This body was just a vessel of the cosmic entity within. Jean was able to land on her feet and heal her wound in matter of seconds. As the one who held the pole stood there with a questionable face, she turns around to face him* Oh man! You shouldn’t have done that! *She quickly digs her nails over his head and paralyzed him, slowly torching his body until it disintegrated into ashes* EE6E3FF0-43D4-4036-B9E6-0A8A14B721DC
    *Posing with Jotaro somewhere in the dark district.* @starplatinum 74522433_2689198617768565_2256871268118691840_n
    *Heads to an area where he's pretty sure he'll get some answers.* 19b439da7b94459b2c8c4b008242dafc
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    *Keeping watch of any ilegal activities that may go on at this dark and sinister city* 8A62667A-0301-41D0-99E5-6D240A676BBD
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    *It didn't take Melone long to find his way to Azukre Sarastus District and find the apartment he had booked was ready for him. He set up his computer right away and set up a meeting with his employers.* Finally! I'll get to meet them face to face. Although, we don't really need to! I mean, I do everything on my computer anyway! *he laughs and jumps into his bed.* Ah! Home shitty home! *He looks outside.* What a contrast! The outside is so deplorable but in this castle turned apartment complex, it's so luxurious! I hit the jackpot!images (61)
    *After taking care of his business. He makes his way out of the dark district to find some fun in the other big cities.* boonma-boonma-hisoka
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