Old District Castle

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      *Lilith and Hela look at the photos. Hela was a bit surprised that these two were the ones that Hammy wanted.* I have come in contact with them before, I would recognized them immediately. If they know we are coming, I’m sure they’ll have someone scouting out for us. But my sister and I are wondering if this is really all you want in exchange for our passage into Gehenna?

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      *Hammy couldn’t contain her eagerness at Hela’s question.* I want you to owe me a favor!!

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      *Hela almost laughed as she was sure she heard Lilith scoff at Hammy’s request. Hela put her hands together and looked at Hammy as if she was considering the request but she flat out rejected it.* No, it’s our policy not to do business based on favors. Such things never end well, you see.

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      *Hammy just about cursed her out but held her tongue and thought it out carefully.* Alright, if you return from Gehenna, let us do more negotiations. I’ll simply offer you this for now. *She opens the palm of her hand and waits for the priest to put an item there.*

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      *Enrico was starting to feel some tension in the room and realized that Hammy wasn’t accustomed to being rejected in such a manner but she held herself together. He walked towards Hammy, he opens a small box and puts it on Hammy’s palm. Then he moves back a bit to observe the room and prepare himself in case anything goes wrong.*

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      What I’m about to give you is a pearl forged by dark elder god during the war among the gods. It was forged with primal chaos and the six basic elemental powers: darkness, wind, fire, lightning, water and earth mixed with a drop of immortal blood. It came to my possession during my creation when I spotted it and stole it from my maker. I learned that it is powerful enough to open passage to Gehenna. I have no need for it therefore, I’m willing to exchange it for the two demonesses that I have asked you to break out for me. I can’t promise you this will work if you decide to return. Do you still want it?

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      *LuzHela had no care about the return, all she was focused on was the revenge she wanted to impose on Lord Satan. She leans forward and takes the box with the black pearl. She could tell that it was genuine, the aura was sinister, disturbing and powerful. She put the box away.* We’re willing to make the exchange. You have yourself a deal. Is the priest going to come with us to retrieve your two guests once they leave Gehenna? Or shall we simply tell them to come straight to you?

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      *Hammy feels negotiations are going well and she leans back in her chair pouring herself some more wine.* Of course, I will have someone follow you to the site. I need to make sure my end of the bargain is sealed. But the priest stays with me. I have someone else in mind to go with you.* This is Hisoka. He’ll be your travel companion at least til you are at the border of NetherHell. *Hisoka is summoned and he appears in the room.* @hisoka
      Our meeting is done then! Perhaps we’ll meet again. *She holds up her wine glass as Lilith, LuzHela and Hisoka leave the room together and the doors close behind them.*

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      *She looks at Hisoka.* Very well, I expected something like this. You’re coming with us then. *She doesn’t really tell him much more as she walks out of the room without exchanging any more words to anyone there. Business was done and over with, it was time for the next part of their plan to unfold. They step outside the building and Hela takes a deep breath with a grin on her face.* That went rather smoothly. *She looks over to her sister Lilith. She then looks at Hisoka and could tell that he wasn’t to be trusted but she was sure he just wanted to make the exchange and be on his way.* Let’s go then.

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      *Hisoka follows the ladies and smirks, he studies them and is glad that they are both easy on the eyes. He bows to them and follows them.* Hello ladies! I hope you enjoy my company for a while. *Once they are outside he looks at them both.* You’re both very bold to deal with Madame Hammy, I find that admirable. How did you know not to drink from the glass the boss gave you? I’m sure you figured out it was laced with poison.