First day of the Wedding Consulting Shop

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      // Open rp//

      *walks into my office carrying a few boxes and chairs to get set up for the first day of the job. I make sure that the windows are clean, the computer works well and making sure that the chairs are comfortable* alright! The Wedding Consulting shop is officially open for business!

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      *Apple hears from the talk at school that Kandace was starting a Wedding Consultancy business. She arranges with Isabelle (@is-a-bell) to meet up there and check the place out. Apple arrives first and has a little look around.*

      Wowie this place looks really sleek and professional already! Is it really day 1? o0o

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      *At Apple’s request, Isabelle arrives shortly afterwards. She walks around the building with her clipboard out and jots notes every few minutes. She has a few words with Apple and then approaches Kandace at the counter, eyes glued to her notes.*

      Hello, I’m Isabelle! *She looks up and gives a friendly smile.* I’m not looking for marriage advice myself but I’m happy to volunteer for today to help get the ball rolling. What do you say?

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      *looks at isabelle and smiles* hello there! my name is princess kandace and welcome to the shop isabelle. and of course you can volunteer to help me! two heads are better than one as they say.

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      *She is taken aback by shock.* A princess? Miss Apple never told me you were a princess! Do princesses normally do consultancy jobs in Skyrie?
      *She shakes her head.* Never mind that, what do you want me to do around the office? I’ve got plenty experience as a secretary if you’d like me to do that.

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      of course you can be Secretary, and don’t worry i won’t stress you out. if you need a day off or anything just let me know okay?